Vitalia finest dessert selection

Original dessert with wholegrain cereal, dried fruit and nuts coming in exclusive packaging.

Vitalia finest dessert selection is sweetened with natural sweeteners – barley malt, grape malt, maple syrup and brown sugar...

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Take away instant oat meal

We know that your mornings are dynamic, and your days are filled with many responsibilities. At the same time research shows that the awareness of healthy eating habits is growing and the number of people who think in terms of managing the intake of balanced nutrients is constantly rising.

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Chia Seeds – The new name for energy

Chia seeds (salavia hispanica) are recognized since the time of the ancient civilizations and played an important role as a source of energy for the Mayans and the Incas. Because of the remarkable features of the seed Mayans called it "Chia" which means "Strength".

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“Less sugar for better life”

“Less sugar for better health” is our new campaign for raising people’s awareness of the effects sugar produces on their health.


Vitalia with its healthy food conquers the markets

Macedonian producer of healthy food, Vitalia Skopje, recently began selling its products in Saudi Arabia, Australia and Mongolia. Thus, the number of export markets that Vitalia reached is 30, mostly in areas that are not traditional destinations for companies


With Halal, Vitalia increases its exports.

The manufacturer of healthy food "Vitalia" implemented Halal standards which contain requirements and regulations under the seriate norm for producing Halal food quality. This standard is based primarily on the production of safe and proper health products...