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About Vitalia

Our everyday duties impose on us a faster life full of activities and we forget about our health and diet. This negatively reflects on our body, and, sooner or later, we will start feeling the consequences from this lifestyle.

Should we stop for a moment and ask ourselves what food we consume, the answer will be defeating. The present-day fast food abounds in conservatives and saturated fats, and the number of people suffering from heart problems is constantly on the rise.

Vitalia is a company that cares for your diet and health at the same time. Our mission is the addition of healthy food in your everyday diet by producing and distributing a variety of products from the field of health food – a mission to which we have dedicated since our story began back in 1993. By using the latest technology that had not been present in our food industry before, this company has fostered such a rapid and dynamic development that today it becomes one of the leading companies in the region in its domain and a synonym for a healthy food of highest quality at the most affordable price.

Who are we?

Vitalia Nikola is a company whose activity is the production and trade of products from the domain of healthy food. Our basic aim is to supply the domestic and foreign market with natural, tasty and healthy products with high quality and at an affordable price. Vitalia was founded in 1993 and has fostered fast and dynamic development since then. Thanks to the high professionalism and innovation, Vitalia has become today a leading company on the Balkans and Eastern Europe in the field of healthy food.

What do we offer?

Vitalia offers a wide range of high-quality health food products, such as: dietary and diabetic products, corn flakes and muesli, vegetable milk, soy products, cereals, seeds and flour, natural sweeteners, linseed oil, tea, dried fruits, functional dietary drinks, alimentary supplements and organic products.

We provide our clientele with efficient and highly professional service through the flexible production programme, short delivery date, our own car pool and specialized staff. Vitalia has its own premises in Skopje (2000 m2) at its disposal with modern storage and office space, as well as a discount store in the centre of the city.

Our vision

Vitalia has devoted a great deal of energy and means to promoting healthy food and educating our clientele about healthy diet. Therefore, we have distributed informative leaflets and brochures on healthy food, organized media events in addition to food-tastings which have all, in turn, helped us approach our consumers who are our main driving force.

Vitalia has put in constant effort to improve and expand its production range where quality, taste, stability and innovation are the most essential prerequisites. That is actually the vision and mission of Vitalia.

Our team

Our team consists of 150 highly motivated and dedicated persons whose professional experience and knowledge facilitate the realization of the already established vision of Vitalia.

The experienced team comprised of technicians, nutritionists, doctors and pharmacists has continually followed the world trends in nutritionism and health food thus creating innovative products to suit everyone’s taste.

Quality control

As part of our dedication to maintaining top quality, we have implemented НАССР, ISO 9001:2008, SA 8001:2008, KOSHER, HALAL Vegetarian, ORGANIC BIO Cert for the production of secure food under highly strict conditions.

What are our benefits?

  • A wide range of high-quality natural and tasty health food products at an affordable price
  • Completely individual service for each our client
  • Quick adaptation to market trends and customers’ demands
  • Flexible production and distribution
  • Innovation
  • Vitalia discount store

Vitalia sales points

If you want to familiarize yourselves with the principles of health food and the characteristics of natural curative substances, you are welcome to visit our discount store. Our specialized staff from the field of health food will give you meticulous attention and help you choose products so that you make the real step towards better health.

Health food store 1:
ul.516 br.10, Скопје
tel.: (02) 32 17 177

Health food store 2:
50 Divizija br.16, Skopje
tel.: (02) 31 13 007

Health food store 3:
St. Ljubljanska, Skopje
City Mall

Health food store 4:
Bul. Partizanski Odredi no 64 б
TC Leptokarija, Skopje
Тel: (02) 30 88 185

VITALIA Production and Trading
ul.516 br.10. 1000 Скопје
tel.: (02) 32 17 177, fax: (02) 32 17 176

Markets and clientele

Thanks to the high-quality products and professional service, our sales network has been growing constantly. Vitalia’s products are available in all the Balkan countries, and are also imported in Europe, the USA, Canada, Africa and Australia. Our clientele includes chain stores, specialized health food stores and chemists/ pharmacies.

By introducing and implementing the IFS, НАССР, ISO 9001:2008, SA 8001:2008, KOSHER, HALAL Vegetarian, ORGANIC BIO Cert, Vitalia has considerably opened up its export opportunities and distribution of its products which are distinctive for their quality and taste.