Za Vitalia

Best Buy Award“ for 2014/2015

In 2013, Vitalia received the prestigious award 13th November from the city of Skopje. The award was presented for the project 5 for health food - a project aimed at educating the youth about healthy food and leading a healthy lifestyle for the generations to come.

This award helped establish Vitalia as a socially responsible company with a clear strategy for caring and investing in the community.

“Our project, 5 for health food which won the prestigious award 13th November from the city of Skopje, results, in fact, from a 5-year intensive work of our team of doctors and nutritionists who through interactive lectures and games introduced children at pre-school and school age to the world of health food and encouraged the creation of healthy eating habits among the young population. The satisfaction with the results is obvious among both the teaching staff and parents. Therefore, our educating mission continues while our team prepares new, modern and interactive methods for communicating with children”, said Iskra-Vetadzokoska-Mucunska, a manager and co-owner of Vitalia.