Za Vitalia

Vitalia brand awarded with "Best Buy Award"

In the survey about the "Best Buy Award" for 2014/2015 year, conducted by the Swiss organization ICERTIAS, Vitalia brand has been rated with the highest grade by the consumers. Macedonian consumers chose Vitalia as a brand that provides the best price-quality ratio in the “Breakfast cereals” category.

In the survey 1200 participants over the age of 15 had the declare the best relationship between price and quality, and the products that stand out as products with the best value for their money -according to their personal experience. And in the category for breakfast cereal the brand Vitalia was an absolute winner.

"The satisfaction of our customers is visible and eminent. We are happy to hear the fact that Macedonian customers know the benefits of our products and rate the value of Vitalia products in terms of quality versus price. Consumers know what is the best for them and we will continue with production of high quality and innovative products according to their need and requirements. Every product we develop is created with love, from the heart, and must satisfy, in particular, our strict quality standards, functionality and of course, the taste. "

The Swiss organization ICERTIAS conducts such research in Macedonia for the first time. The purpose of the project and the "Best Buy Award" certificate is to simplify the search of the best products and services with affordable price in the local and international market.