Za Vitalia

Vitalia Superbrand – award for the best Macedonian brand

Vitalia has been presented several awards and the most significant one is the Superbrand Award. Vitalia has won this award in competition with 800 other domestic companies from different industries that participated in the selection. This award confirms the significance and strength of the Vitalia brand in its field and the quality of its products. It also reflects its dominance on the Macedonian health food market and its long and successful existence.
The world famous Super Brand International Organization organized a selection of this kind for the first time in Macedonia after having previously organized such selections in 82 other countries.

How Superbrand is chosen?

A Superbrands board is selected in every country where Superbrands operates, and it usually consists of industry experts and practitioners who select top brands in different categories and award them the status of Superbrands.
Brands are invited to participate in the Superbrands project based on the following criteria: market dominance, long-term persistence on the market, customer loyalty, market acceptance and goodwill.
After 50 business board members cast their votes, the health food company Vitalia was selected for a Superbrand in Macedonia.