Diet jam with aloe vera

Today, when diseases are common, people are becoming more aware of the need to maintain their health.

Allow the fruit to be part of your diet due to its rich content of valuable flavonoids and antioxidants which fight many diseases and help you have a youthful look. The fruit is a great healthy and natural food that regenerates the body and rids it of accumulated toxins. Vitalia recommends you to taste the new Diet jams enriched with aloe vera from its extensive line of products. Prepared according to traditional recipes from specially selected fresh fruits from the domestic region. Sweetened with fructose - fruit sugar that is naturally present in the fruit and, therefore, easily digestible. Vitalia diet jams contain 55% fruit. Choose according to your own taste: Diet jam with apricot, plum, peach or strawberry flavour. They contains all the nutrients present in the fruit, such as:

The apricot contains 482 mg potassium which is sufficient to reduce the risk of stroke by 40%. It contains phosphorus, magnesium and provitamins from where the original colour comes. It encourages children’s growth, improves eyesight and disease resistance. Apricots are good for anemic and depressed people.

The plumb has antibacterial and antiviral effect and is effective as a laxative. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and anthocyanins that act therapeutically by improving the sharpness of the eye.

The peach is rich in pine, which stimulates brain activity and raises estrogen levels in the blood. This prevents the loss of calcium and bone demineralization, thus preventing osteoporosis.

The strawberry is high in demand due to its juicy, aromatic and refreshing flavour. It is easily digestible and contains vitamins C, A, B and E, minerals (K, P i, Fe), pectin and tannins. Substances present in the fruit are essential for reducing cholesterol levels, the relaxation of tired muscles and healing processes. Despite the richness of fresh fruit, Vitalia Diet jams are additionally enriched with cactus aloe vera which has high curative properties. Aloe contains a sufficient amount of vitamins (A, B, C, E and folic acid), mucopolysaccharides, amino acids necessary for protein synthesis and enzymes (protease, amylase, lipase).

Aloe Vera has multiple useful effects: it boosts immunity, helps digestion, has antibacterial and antiviral effect and detoxifies the body. Therefore, start your day with a cereal meal sweetened with diet jam and feel the taste of nature. We recommend it as a dessert as well that children, athletes, diabetics and all those who take care of their own health will enjoy. It is best to consume jam produced exclusively from fresh fruit. Only in that way you will experience the real taste and flavor of the fruit and you will be sure that you have consumed wealthy nutrients.

Calorific value: 100g Diet jam with Aloe Vera contain 180kcal.
1tpsp/ 15g Diet jam with Aloe Vera contains 27kcal.
Diet jams with Aloe Vera are available in packaging of 230g.

Halal certified products

Item No.2062001 - Strawberry Jam wit aloe vera 230g

Item No.2062002 - Apricot Jam with aloe vera 230g

Item No.2062003 - Plum Jam with aloe vera 230g

Item No.2062004 - Peach Jam with aloe vera 230g