Dried aronia

New Product

Aronia is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. It is rich in fiber (100g. Dried aronia contains 7gr fiber) which gives a feeling of satiety and improves the food digestion. Also it is a source of iron, which helps the formulation of red blood cells;hemoglobin in the blood and allows normal supply of energy for the metabolism.

Vitalia Dried aronia has no added sugar.

Dried aronia can be consumed for breakfast, for energetic start to the day add it in tea, muesli, porridges, bread, fruit salads, smoothies, shakes, and snacks. Also during the dinner for easy and nutritious dinner mix dried aronia with in cornflakes, salads, puddings, cakes, muffins, ice cream.

GMO free
Available in packages of 100g
Energy value: 100g. Dried aronia contains 324.8 kcal