QUESTION: I have a question about green clay. I bought your product but I am taking some medicines because I have a chronic disease and I am not sure can I take green clay if I am under medications, ....waiting for your answer.

Answer from Vitalia’s nutritionist team: Every change of the season is followed with need for detoxification of the organism. Vitalia Green Clay powder which is characterized with a big absorbing power and high concentration of minerals and oligoelements, will help you to solve this problem.

Vitalia Green clay powder is a natural product from inorganic provenance, which can be called and ecological product because it doesn’t left any chemical remains in the organism after its internal usage. This product is composed of minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Silicon, Aluminium) and oligoelements in grams. Thanks to their presence and the big energetic power of the clay, this product gives positive results and it is useful for many disorders of the organism.

The clay is natural disinfectant, which can clean the drinking water – a few teaspoons in dish with water, whereupon the water still keeps its good taste.

Also, the clay is excellent deodorant it can eliminate the unpleasant smell in rooms.

Toxin accumulation in the organism is considered as a cause for many diseases, so the usage of the clay, which has the big absorbing power, can help you to strength your immunity against many diseases.

The absorbing power of the clay is due to the surface of every part which looks like a sponge so the clay absorb all toxins from blood and lymph. Also, the clay neutralizes microbes, bacterium and other toxins that poison the organism, which means that has a strong anti toxical influence.

The clay facilitates the regeneration of damaged cells and helps in healing wounds. There is an opportunity for usage of another natural and effective medicine against acne, pimples, mange, abscesses, burns and ulcer.

For internal usage should be natural and do not be mixed with other medicines. For the best results, the water in which the clay will be prepared should be nature and mineral. During the crossing from one to another season when we are exposed on different climate conditions, it is recommended continual drinking clay in a period of 3 weeks and after that one-week break.

Alongside with the consumption of the clay it is recommended changing the nutrition.

The new way of feeding includes consumption of grains, vegetable, soups, nuts and drinking teas. Unrefined products and the products from non-animal provenance should be eliminated from the daily nutrition.

The clay doesn’t have any contraindication influence and helps to heal and to clean our organism without any consequences. The nature presents to us the glay as a powerful tonic to preserve our health. You should always have a glay in Your home and use the benefits that come from it.