QUESTION: Hello I am from Kosovo. I want to ask you about the lemon juice diet. Is it safe to drink only the lemon juice? And can we again gain those kg that we had lost if we start eating again normally? Thank you very much.           Waiting for you answer. Warmest regard.

Answer from Vitalia’s nutritionist team: Recently on our market appeared so-called Lemon Diet, which evoke a big attention and curiosity, thanks to the positive effects in weight loss. The basic ingredient of this diet is maple syrup. With the maple syrup, water and lemon juice is preparing a drink that is the substitute for meals during the day. But before You start with any diet for slimming, you should be better informed about the ingredients that are used because it is the only way that makes you sure that you will not evoke the side effect.
Vitalia Maple Syrup is an organic product, which is eminently separated on the basis of its quality and aroma. Originate from the mountain massif Apalacian in North Canada, maple syrup is produced with the best quality in the world. Its characterizes with dark color that is sign for rich content of minerals (Calcium, Sodium, Iron, Magnesium) and vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C).

Diet with Maple Syrup The lemon diet with maple syrup is ideal for weight loss, but it is also good for detoxification of the organism. With the usage of this diet you can lose your weight from 5 to 10 kilograms in only 10 days. That is due to the active decrease of fat deposites and toxins from the body and their elimination. You can use this diet with maple syrup only 3 to 4 times in the year.

The diet with maple syrup helps in quality improvement of the skin and hair, work of the digestive system but also in improvement of psychophysical condition. After the usage of the diet you feel more energy and life force. VITALIA Maple Syrup – with the best to great results The basic ingredient that you will need for this diet is dark Maple Syrup. Until now, on our market offered maple syrup from the lowest class C for very high price. Contrary of that, Vitalia offer something better. To achieve the best results you should choose the most quality ingredient and that is VITALIA Maple Syrup from the pure mountain areas in North Canada.

What contain the diet with Maple Syrup? This diet is based on substitution of classical daily meals with a special drink prepared of maple syrup, lemon juice and water.

To prepare this diet drink you will need:
- 2 big spoons VITALIA Maple Syrup
- 2 big spoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
- 1/4 spoon ginger in powder or hot red pepper for improvement in metabolism and circulation
- 300 ml. hot or cold water All components are mixing until you get homogeneous liquid.

To achieve the wanted results you should consume 6 to 12 glasses (2 to 4 l.) from this drink during the day. When you start to feel hunger or sign of weakness drink one glass. With this drink you will provide to your organism all necessary minerals and vitamins for normal function.

The absence of proteins during the diet will improve and intensify detoxification of the body. Remember that during the diet with maple syrup you shouldn’t eat or drink other food. When you will finish the diet you must be careful with nutrition in next 3 days.

The process of crossing to regular nutrition should be gradually so the food must be light and in small quantity. Rapid consumption of bigger quantity food in digestive system can make its condition worst.

Because of this you should follow this advises:

First Day: for breakfast natural fruit juice, for lunch light vegetable soup and for dinner boiled vegetable.
Second Day: for breakfast natural fruit juice or fresh fruit, for lunch light vegetable soup with millet grain and boiled grains (barley, rice), for dinner grain flakes soaked up in rice milk RiceVita.
Third Day: for breakfast natural fruit juice or fresh fruit, for lunch light vegetable soup with some protein food based on soya, for dinner grain flakes soaked up in soya milk SoVita.

You must be careful what You eat. With strong decision and persistence, You will manage every temptation.