Frequently Asked Questions Answered By Our Specialists

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QUESTION: I have a question about green clay. I bought your product but I am taking some medicines because I have a chronic disease and I am not sure can I take green clay if I am under medications, ....waiting for your answer.

Answer from Vitalia’s nutritionist team: Every change of the season is followed with need for detoxification of the organism. Vitalia Green Clay powder which is characterized with a big absorbing power and high concentration of minerals and oligoelements, will help you to solve this problem.

QUESTION: Hello I am from Kosovo. I want to ask you about the lemon juice diet. Is it safe to drink only the lemon juice? And can we again gain those kg that we had lost if we start eating again normally? Thank you very much. Waithing for you answer. Warmest regard.

Answer from Vitalia’s nutritionist team: Recently on our market appeared so-called Lemon Diet, which evoke a big attention and curiosity, thanks to the positive effects in weight loss. The basic ingredient of this diet is maple syrup. With the maple syrup, water and lemon juice is preparing a drink that is the substitute for meals during the day. But before You start with any diet for slimming, you should be better informed about the ingredients that are used because it is the only way that makes you sure that you will not evoke the side effect.