APITUSSIS - Honey Syrup is an entirely natural product prepared from high-quality wildflower honey and liquid extract from four medicinal herbs: cowslip (Primula veris flos), wild thyme (Thymus serpyllum herba), oregano (Origanum vulgare herba) and high mallow (Malva sylvestris herba). This combination of honey and herbs with expectorant effects assists in expelling the accumulated phlegm by coughing and protects against inflammation of upper respiratory tract in children and adults.

Honey is rich in many nutritive and protective components. It is used as food and remedy at the same time. It is recommended for body strengthening, increasing illness resistance and preventing colds and weakness after mental and physical efforts.

Cowslip is a stimulating reflex expectorant containing saponins that activate the epithelial nerve endings in the mucous membrane of the upper digestive tract and produce expectoration.

Wild thyme and oregano are direct expectorants containing volatile-etheric oil making the secretion softer so it can be expelled easily by coughing. The various active compounds present in these herbs, especially amaro-bitter compounds, flavonic and flavonotic glycosides and other ingredients have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect on the upper respiratory tract.

Indication and usage:

As a natural source of healthy nutrients, it strengthens the immune system and helps overcome weakness after illnesses.


One tablespoon of syrup, 3-5 times per day before meals. Suitable for children.
It can be used as supportive therapy along with medicine prescribed by a doctor.

Item No.1949006 - Apitussis - Honey syrup for stimulating the immune system 125ml