Green clay is known as the most efficient among the different existing types of clay. It is the most valuable and natural asset of cosmetics with extraordinary regenerative and revitalizing skin effect.

Due to the high concentration of minerals and trace elements, green clay helps in treating many skin diseases like acne, spots, ulcers, wounds and cuts. You can use it as a natural antirid (an anti-laughter wrinkle lines) as well as for skin refreshing, cleansing, disinfection and deodorizing.

To prepare a face mask, put 1 teaspoon of clay powder into water so that you get solid homogeneous mass. Then, put it on the face and neck, and leave it to dry. If you have dry skin, add a few drops of olive oil. Remove the mask when you feel your face is tightening. Do it with warm water or chamomile tea. Then, moisten with cream.

Apply the mask twice a week. It will revitalize your skin, prevent wrinkles, freshen up your complexion and restore its natural glow.

Vitalia’s clay for external use is unique on the market. Try it and assure yourself of its quality and effect.

Item No.2800014 - Green Clay for face and body 500g