Kombucha syrup

The kombucha concentrate is made of the concentration of a high-quality drink called Kombucha.

The kombucha concentrate is made of the concentration of a high-quality drink called Kombucha by removing the water.

The concentrate which comes as syrup is 15 times more curative than the Kombucha itself since there is 15 times bigger concentration of Glucuronic acid, lactic acid and other useful ingredients. Knowing that kombucha is produced by fermenting green tea and used in China as a healing drink for more than 4700 years, while the Japanese, the most long lived nation, have known how to produce kombucha by fermenting green tea for more than 2200 years, then it would be logical for us to consider this product as essential for our everyday diet as well.

The kombucha concentrate coming as syrup can be used as an additional detoxification therapy for over 200 harmful substances and after alcohol overdose. It is also recommendable for drug addicts and people suffering from different diseases, such as: cancer, increased cholesterol levels, painful joints, artrose, arthritis, damaged stomach lining, thrombosis, depression and others. Healthy people can consume it for boosting their immunity and overall health, while in sportspeople it allows the body to recover faster after physical and psychic strain; it improves mood, concentration, the ability to work and builds self-confidence.

Use: kombucha syrup can be used on its own or added to various conditory products, salads, dressings, juices and other alimentary food as a sweetener enriching nutritive value. Also, when mixed with maltex, honey or jam, it can be consumed as a healing and energy dessert.

Recommended use: one teaspoon of kombucha syrup is a substitute for a 100 ml-dose of the Kombucha drink, and therefore it should be consumed in the same way as the drink: one teaspoon three times a day – one in the morning on an empty stomach, one after lunch and one before going to bed.

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