Vitalia’s Vita spice is 100% natural product with a wide variety of chopped and dried vegetables, containing up to 25%: celery, parsnip, onion, carrot, garlic, pepper and soy crumbles. No artificial colors or sodium added. The Vita spice contains no glutamine.

The well-balanced spice ingredients in Vita spice enhance food taste and flavor as well as stimulate the secretion of juices and enzymes that improve digestion and reduce flatulence and gas occurrence in the process of food digestion.

The important thing is that Vita spice does not contain glutamine sodium (E621), often added as an artificial taste strengthener. The aroma and the taste of Vita spice come from the rich content of vegetables.

Vitalia’s Vita spice is a product of exceptional quality and excellent taste and flavor suitable for seasoning both adults’ and children’s food.

Item No.2800009 - Bio spice with 26% dried vegetables 200g