Whey Protein

The power of proteins is now closer to you with our brand new product - Whey Protein.

By consuming on daily basis as a food supplement, you will fell much more energized. Whey protein is a combination of proteins form sheep whey and goat whey. Contains a large amount of proteins (80%) as well as a small amount of saturated fats.
The whey protein has high protein composition (80%) and is primarily used by physically active and spot people, because contributes in building muscle mass and improving physical performance. The product is not recommended for children under the age of 16 and pregnant women. It can be used in combination with milk, juice, tea, in addition to a variety of baked pastries, desserts, meat products and sauces.

How to prepare a refreshing protein shake? Put in a blender the following ingredients: 100g fresh or frozen strawberries, 50g white or red grapes, 100g peeled apple, 15g (2 tbsp) sweet cow whey powder, 350ml cold water and 4-5 ice cubes.

GMO free product

Packed in practical packaging with zipper, easy to open and close

Available in packaging of 100g and 900g.

Energy value: 393kcal per 100g