Gluten free bars raspberries, vanilla and dark chocolate.

Following gluten free lifestyle was never this tasty and easy

These gluten free bars are made from superfood quinoa, raspberries, and dark chocolate sweetened with stevia. New combination of healthy ingredients rich in essential macronutrients.

Eating habits and the importance of healthy nutrition are overlooked in our everyday life. There is a very little discussion about the benefits of a healthy snack, such as being highly nutritional, a source of energy and rich in vitamins. Also, a healthy snack regulates the metabolism, thus improving the overall function of the body. In other words, boosting strong immunity. This was the driving force to create new health products with great taste.

  • Great for people with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and allergies

Baked with special ingredients, these bars are perfect for lovers of sweet and tasty desert.

One gluten free bar (35gr) contains 148KCal

Nutritive value 100 g
Energy value 424.8kcal/1784kJ
Protein 7.2g
Carbohydrates 55.5g
Оf which sugars 18.3g
Fibers 19.5g
Fats 15g
Оf which saturated 5g
Salt 0.35g
Gluten 20mg/kg