Go Nutri mini oat crackers with olives

A new member of the Go Nutri family. The well-known line of Go Nutri salty oat crackers is enriched with a new taste – salty oat crackers with olives and a new mini shape – for instant, healthy, salty and crispy pleasure. Go Nutri mini oat crackers are an original fusion of 30% oat flakes in combination with olives, flax seed, integral sesame and extruded rice.

The crackers are a natural source of dietary fibers which improve food digestion. They are prepared with potassium salt, a healthy substitute for table salt (sodium chloride). They are also a natural source of proteins, which stimulates human growth and maintains muscle mass and bones.

Non-dairy product

Available in a package of 100 grams.

Energy value: 100g contain 407 kcal.

Halal certified product.

Product suitable for vegans.