Go nutri oat cracker with basil


New member of the Go Nutri family. The well-known line of Go Nutri salty oat crackers is now enriched with new flavor - salty oat crackers with basil. Original fusion of 30% oat flakes combined with wholegrain grains- wheat, corn and rice and basil with mediterranean flavor.

Made with 100% natural ingredients with balanced nutritional profile
Made from 100% natural ingredients with balanced nutritional profile - oat flakes, wholegrain flour, wholegrain sesame seeds, flax seeds, dried basil and garlic. It is a balanced combination of four types of cereals such as: oat flakes, extruded rice, wheat and corn flour, which are a natural source of dietary fiber. Prepared with canola oil containing high percentage of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids that positively affect the cardiovascular system and salted with Potassium salt, healthy substitute for the regular salt (sodium chloride). The presence of basil its great taste of the Mediterranean it has positive impact on the intestinal microflora and reduction of the flatulence stomach.

Calorific value: 100 g containing 400 kcal
15 gr. / 1 piece contains 60 kcal

Halal certified products
Product suitable for vegans.

Item No.3887007 - Oat Salty Crackers Garlic Basel 150 g

Nutrition Information 100 g/г 15g/г
Energy value 1680kJ
Fat 22g 3.3g
of which saturates 6g 0.9g
Polyunsaturated 2.4g 0.4g
Carbohydrates 40g 6g
of which sugars 9.3g 1.4g
Fiber 5.5g 0.8g
Proteins 12.2g 1.8g
Salt 0.13g 0.018g