Ground granola with nuts

Ground granola with nuts 350g – for porridges, desserts and cookies

Ground granola with nuts is a mix of 64% oat flakes with almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts enriched with magnesium and B complex.

Also, it is enriched with honey and cooked with canola oil - a natural source of omega 3, and sweetened with brown sugar, which is a healthy replacement for white refined sugar.

It is rich in dietary fiber - essential for an active metabolism. Ground granola is a non-dairy product, and it can be used for the preparation of porridges, desserts and cookies as a substitute for crushed biscuits.

Ground granola has a great taste of nuts and needs no further addition of ground walnuts or hazelnuts.

Competitive price.

Energy value:
100g of Ground granola contain 152.2 kcal.

Ground granola with nuts is available in packaging of 350g

Halal certified product
The product is suitable for vegetarians

Item No.1051027 - Ground Granola With Nuts 350 g.