Argan coconut oil

intensive care for dry and sensitive skin and damaged and dry hair

Argan Coconut Oil is the best combination for your sensitive and dry skin, as well as your dry hair. It combines the benefits of Moroccan liquid gold and organic extra virgin coconut oil which will provide irresistibly hydrate and soften your skin and hair.

It is most commonly used for:

  • Care and rejuvenation of the skin on face and neck

It rejuvenates skin cells, provides elasticity, slows down the aging process and wrinkle formation and improves the vitality of the skin. Apply several drops, massage to distribute evenly and let the skin absorb the product. It is recommended for extremely dry and sensitive skin, as well as for treating sunburns.

  • Mask for healthy and shiny hair

Apply 1-3 drops to the ends of your wet hair and comb well. In this manner you nourish and hydrate your dry skin. Your hair will be refreshed and shiny.

  • Easier hair styling

Apply 1-2 drops to the ends of your hair and style as desired. Your hair will appear healthy, hydrated and shiny.

  • Base for hair dye

Since it penetrates deep into the hair it is used as a basis before applying hair color as it intensifies the color and prolongs its duration.

If you are allergic to nuts, consult your doctor before use.