IFS certificate for food safety and quality

Vitalia is the first health food company that has won the renowned IFS certificate. Vitalia has proved its strategic determination for developing top-quality health food products with high nutritional value by meeting the conditions for gaining this prestigious certificate which largely facilitates companies’ access to the EU market.

“Awarding Vitalia the renowned IFS certificate stands for the devotion of its staff to developing high quality healthy products. After few months of implementation of the necessary adjustments, we are delighted to state that the IFS certificate for food safety and quality will favorably affect the expansion of our point-of-sales network worldwide where our products would be found. Our goal is steady increase and development, and one way to achieve this is by implementing quality standards which is of paramount importance for our overall production”, announced Iskra Vetadzokoska-Mucunska, a manager and co-owner of Vitalia.

The IFS international certificate for food safety and quality is one of the main mechanisms that enables companies to gain access to the EU market. It is a certificate founded in 2002 by the German, French and Italian trade association. IFS (International Food Standard – Standard for Auditing Retailer and/or Wholesaler Branded Food Products) standard is aimed at facilitating the rapport between food manufacturers and traders, as a standard for evaluating companies that supply large European markets and chain stores.

Through the adjustment of the company’s working habits to the IFS standards, Vitalia continues further to open the doors of numerous potential sales points as an opportunity for distributing its products. As a leader on the health food market in the Republic of Macedonia, the company goes on with the mission for presenting its products on the world markets which has already been part of the strategic determination of Vitalia.