New, unique way for healthy meals in Vitalia Muesli Bar in TC Leptokarija

Vitalia Muesli Bar is a newly opened unique facility by Vitalia situated in the TC Leptokarija in Skopje where consumers have the opportunity to start the day healthily with a healthy meal they themselves create.

It is an innovation by Vitalia; the Vitalia Muesli Bar is furnished in its own recognizable, modern and functional design. Here, the consumers can create breakfast to their own taste and in different combinations. The preparation includes a few simple steps, such as: choosing the type of muesli and flakes (more than 20 types) as a base to which fruit can be added (more than 10 kinds), seeds (10 kinds) and supplements for increasing the nutritive and energy value. You can also have a takeaway meal or eat your breakfast in a calm and cosy atmosphere. In addition to the meals, in the Vitalia Muesli Bar you can also choose from the wide range of Vitalia products.

Vitalia has always cared for the needs, desires and health of it consumers, and, with that in mind, it implemented this idea for a quick, still incredibly healthy breakfast which gives the consumers the energy needed for the day ahead.

As a leader in the production of healthy food, Vitalia prides itself on the uniqueness of the concept of Vitalia Muesli Bar as a first and only facility of this kind in the region. The buyers get the recognizable quality of the Vitalia products in a way that follows the trends for hectic lifestyles.