Vitalia takes care of visually impaired persons!

Vitalia’s new Braille Super Cookies!

Vitalia Muesli Bar is a newly opened unique facility by Vitalia situated in the TC Leptokarija in Skopje where consumers have the opportunity to start the day healthily with a healthy meal they themselves create.

 Macedonian producer of healthy food, Vitalia, continues with its socially responsible actions. Aside from creating healthy products for the entire population, the company also produces specific products for a specific category of consumers, persons with disability, and this time it has decided to help people with visual impairments. Namely, the company made sure that the packaging of its latest product, Super Cookies, is written in Braille!

Vitalia is the first company in Macedonia’s food industry with such an initiative, once again confirming its determination to assist vulnerable categories of persons. The company believes this step will be taken by other companies as well.

Persons with visual impairments are part of our community and deserve to be given the same rights and entitlements as the rest of us. Now, for the first time, they will be able to recognize and choose these healthy products offered by Vitalia on their own“, said Iskra Vetadzoska Macunska, manager and co-owner of Vitalia.

This year Vitalia celebrates its 25th anniversary since founding, resolute on proceeding with is social responsibility role with even greater intensity, demonstrating leadership and high level of business responsibility as well as respect to the local community.