Unrefined light brown sugar in crystals

The brown sugar Demerara sugar crystals from Vitalia originates from the island of Mauritius in South Africa, where the tropical climate and uncontaminated soil enable the production of unrefined sugar with the highest quality in the world. Vitalia brown sugar is produced in a simple manner so as to retain, and not remove, the natural molasses of the sugar cane.

The concentration of the natural molasses speaks for the sugar quality itself. It is this molasses that contains all the nutrients of the sugar cane. Therefore, the darker the sugar is (with darker brown color), the higher the presence of vitamins and minerals would be. That means that white sugar contains no molasses at all since all the nutrients for a healthy body have been removed. In other words, by consuming white sugar you only insert calories and nothing else. Thus, every time you need something sweet, think about your choice. Instead white sugar, use brown unrefined sugar from the Vitalia range of products and you will have not only tasty but a healthy meal as well.

Demerara sugar crystals is a light brown sugar in crystals with a distinctive aroma and taste. You can use it as a healthy and crispy topping in fruit salads, cakes or as a coffee or tea sweetener.

Embracing a healthy lifestyle is possible. The complete indulgence in that change depends on you. Convince yourself that by replacing white sugar with brown one you not only offer a healthier diet to your loved ones, but an opportunity as well to familiarize them with the new taste and aroma typical of the unrefined sugar only.

Some tasty recipes with Vitalia brown unrefined sugar

The secret to a tasty meal lies in the quality of the ingredients used in its preparation. The sugar is one of the most commonly used ingredients in meals, regardless whether they are sweet or salty. But is white sugar the healthiest option? Of course, not. If you want to use ingredients that will sweeten you meal or drink, but at the same time add some aroma and taste, then choose the unrefined brown sugar from sugar cane. That is not the only thing, though. It will additionally enrich the nutritive profile of the meal, while you are healthier and full of energy.

Halal certified product

Item No.1946003 - Demerara -unrefined cristalized light brown sugar 500g

Item No.1946004 - Brown sugar 5 g 100/1

Item No.1946005 - Demerara – unrefined cristaliz. light brown sugar 5g, 100/1

Nutrition Information 100 g/г
Energy 1660kJ
Fat 0.48g
of which saturates 0g
Carbohydrates 99.4g
of which sugars 99.4g
Proteins 0.03g
Salt 0g