Natural non refine caned sugar

The human body is not designed for use and degradation of refined products like white sugar. The purpose of the manufacturer with the production of white sugar is to slow down the deterioration of the product. In the process of refining, the white sugar loses its taste, color and all the valuable nutrients that our body needs, except, of course, calories. Without trace elements, vitamins and minerals which are necessary for the metabolism, white sugar is a real contaminant.


Consuming this, you not intake a product that brings you food, but a product that takes away what we already have - energy, minerals and enzymes that are wasted in the process of decomposing the white sugar. Teeth are spoiled not only because we eat sweets in which sugar is basically white, but because the organism spends its own reserves of calcium to decompose the white sugar, which causes weakening of bones and teeth. Therefore, consider how you use sugar. Do not forget that wisdom lies in the ability to detect alternative. A healthy alternative to white sugar is just raw brown sugar.


VITALIA brown sugar - for better taste and good health


Now you are able to make real change and to take out the white sugar from the daily menu replacing with one of the three brown sugars from Vitalia’s range: Muskovado Light, Muskovado Dark and Muskovado Demerara in tea, coffee, milk, pudding, sweets. This move will provide good health and longevity to you and your loved ones.