Brazilians now have Macedonian muesli for breakfast – from now on, Vitalia with its own export to the faraway Brazil

The company Vitalia, which has for many years taken care of the health of the Macedonian citizens, from now on has its own products taking over the faraway Brazilian market. Since recently, more than 30 products from the Vitalia brand have been available in Brazil and placed on the shelves of premium supermarkets in the category of healthy and functional food.

“The export to Brazil is a huge success towards breaking into new markets. The Vitalia products are now available in 31 countries including this South American country. This has been another confirmation that Vitalia creates top quality products according to world standards recognizable for their quality and originality. Henceforth, even the lively and energetic Brazilians will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits and taste of the Macedonian product under the brand of healthy food”, Vitalia has announced.

This piece of news is such refreshment especially in the period of the World Cup fever gripping the world this whole month. The Vitalia products with its unique taste, unusual for the South American region, have begun to attract Brazilian citizens just like they do to the Macedonians by offering them great pleasure and health.