Human mission of Vitalia in center for mental health “Vlae”

Vitalia once again expressed its humanity with donation of health food in center for mental health “Vlae”, an integrated part of the JZU mental hospital “Skopje” – Skopje.

In this center, there are around 90 people over 18, receiving hospital treatment for psychological anomie, who visit the center every day and are involved in the activities specified in the program, for their successful resocialization and regeneration in the community. The majority of the patients are of low social status, however due to the bad material position of the hospital, they do not get a regular meal. By donating products, Vitalia enabled patients to get a complete treatment and feel the benefit from the healthy food consumption. The humanitarian missions made by Vitalia not only improve the patients’ treatment, but also help them develop the sense for healthy way of nourishment.