Vitalia’s new oat meal helps raise the children with proper nutrition from the start

Vitalia has enriched its healthy children products with two new Oat meals, having variations of both vanilla and chocolate taste. The oat meals are produced in accordance with European recommendations regarding the children’s nutrition. They are an ideal grain meal for children over a year old because they contain 100% natural ingredients with a balanced nutritional profile, contain no artificial colors or preservatives. The meals are prepared from carefully selected ingredients under strictly controlled conditions that guarantee exceptional quality in every pack.

"An integral part of the corporate culture of Vitalia is the realization of projects that are intensely advocated of establishing healthy habits in children. The new line of oat meals is evidence to the commitment and the consistency to our mission for healthy generations. "- Said Iskra Vetadzhoskoska-Mucunska, manager of marketing and sales at Vitalia.

Healthy oat meals are manufactured according to European recommendations for nutrition of children thus being provided full support as a quality product.

Because of its rich nutritional composition and action, oat is often a highly recommended cereal for breakfast by pediatricians and the World Health Organization. It is a natural source of dietary fiber necessary for good digestion and a healthy stomach. The pulp is further enriched with a balanced complex of 8 vitamins which enables children to ingest the recommended daily values of the micronutrients necessary for proper growth and development. Increasing number of parents are concerned about their children’s nutrition, and these products are exactly what they need: simply prepared, with optimal nutritional value and above all, delicious and alluring. "- Said Dr. Nela Despotovski, doctor of medicine and nutritionist in Vitalia.

Our healthy food company has been actively implementing the project "An A for Healthy Food" for 5 years now, promoting healthy foods and introducing healthy habits among children on various school and preschool age. The development of a new line of oat meals is another valuable addition to the project and confirms the commitment of the company to develop healthy generations.