Vitalia made an educative lecturing for health food in the primary school “Vojdan Cernodrinski”

After the demand from the team of psychologists and pedagogues of the school “Vojdan Cernodrinski” from Skopje, Vitalia made an educative lecturing for health food for the 3 and 4 grade pupils.

A nutritionist and pharmacist from Vitalia were part of the workshop for healthy food which took place in the school. The lecture had informative and educative character aimed at presenting the advantages of the consumption of healthy food and acquiring of healthy habits by children. The informative lecture was focused on presenting one part of the products of Vitalia and their practical use in everyday nourishment. This lecture is in like with the third and forth grade pupils’ program.At the end, the pupils tasted some of Vitalia’s products. This was the second time this workshop for health food was organized in the primary school “Vojdan Cernodrinski”.