Za Vitalia



Vitalia also possesses a certificate for Organic production, thus following the international principles for sustainable organic production of high quality, healthy and safe organic food with great taste.

Vitalia range of organic products include organic jams, teas and honey produced from ingredients treated in accordance with the principles for organic production and with the utmost care paid to quality and food safety.

Choosing organic food is a choice for a healthier lifestyle. Organic food is produced according to the principles of organic agriculture and does not contain any artificial synthesized substances, including pesticides. It supplies products with higher nutritional value compared to those produced by conventional production. Thus, it offers goods with a considerably higher content of trace-minerals, especially potassium and iron, as well as higher levels of magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin C.

Organic production as a whole takes into account the environmental, economic and social aspects of agriculture at a local, national and global level.