Sport Muesli - Crunchy muesli with chocolate and coconut

Start your day with Sport muesli with coconut and dark chocolate, а healthy and original protein meal.

Super-nutritious mix of original and high-quality proteins, quinoa seeds, buckwheat, coconut leaves and pieces of dark chocolate, additionally sweetened with unrefined brown sugar.

Vitalia Sport muesli is an innovative and unique non-dairy product which is a source of protein that contains no lactose.

One serving of Vitalia Sport muesli contains 14g of protein and is a healthy supplement to the daily intake of protein for all athletes and physically active people.

Use: Easy and quick preparation. 4 tablespoons of Sport muesli (55g) are soaked in 200 ml of milk or yogurt.

Energy value:

100g of Sport muesli with coconut and dark chocolate contain 424 kcal.
One serving of 55g of Sport muesli with coconut and dark chocolate soaked in 100ml of milk contains 295 kcal.
Sport Muesli is available in packaging of 350g.

Halal certified product
The product is suitable for vegans

Item No.1052062 - Crunchy Muesli Chocolate Coconut - SPORT 350 g