Takeaway Tropical muesli

New product

We know that your mornings are dynamic and your day filled with different activities. Research at the same time shows that there is an even greater awareness for healthy habits, and the number of people thinking into the direction of managing the intake of balanced nutrients has been on the rise.

Simply because of that, Vitalia has developed its new line of practical health products with rich nutritional profile following the trend and needs of the modern man.

TakeAway Tropical muesli is an original mix of cereals (oat, rye and wheat), 35% exotic tropical fruit: pineapple, papaya, mango, dates, banana, coconut and raisins, giving tropical warmth to all your mornings and 5% of flax and sunflower seeds. We choose for our consumers the highest quality tropical fruit from the ecological regions in Taiwan which complement the meal with natural vitamins and minerals.

TakeAway Tropical muesli is a light and quick meal, with no added sugar and suitable for diets and fasting. They are rich in dietary fiber, which positively affect food digestion.

TakeAway Tropical muesli is a non-dairy product.

Easy and simple preparation: only add 150 ml of water, milk or yogurt, stir and your favorite Vitalia muesli is ready to be consumed

Vitali Takeaway cereal meals is a complete set consisting of: specially designed plastic cup with a lid + meal of Vitalia muesli + foldable spoon (for stirring and consumption).

Available in a package of 90 grams.

Halal certified product
Product suitable for vegans